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Assorted Inkology Portfolio Folders 

(24 Pack)

Age range: 3-6
MSRP: $39.00/pack


Rainbow Rangers Bright and Glossy 2 Pocket Portfolio's each adorned with Glitter Sparkle Accents. Fresh, colorful and exciting new brand from Nick Jr. based on the colorful superheroes!

Collection Includes 4 Assorted Designs including: Flood "I Eat Glitter for Breakfast", Kaila "Ride, Rangers Ride!", and the last 2 to include the whole Ranger Squad!

The Rainbow Rangers are 7 diverse girls, each with her own color of the rainbow and highly distinct personality, dedicated to saving the Earth from trouble.

Convenient hole punched portfolio perfect to put into a binder. Great To Store Files for Homework, Classwork and Presentations - Great School Supply for Kids!

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